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Statement for COP28

Building Professionals Demand Climate Action!
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All reports ahead of the COP28 have a clear voice: The world is not on track to achieve decarbonization by2050. The construction sector is still responsible for about 42 % of global GHG emissions*. Measures toimplement systems transformations must rapidly reduce process and energy emissions.

We demand recognition from world leaders! We are a coalition of architecture, landscape and Builtenvironment related climate action networks tackling the unjustifiable level of damage inflicted by thecurrent building industry. We call global and local leaders gathered at COP28 to recognise the demandsfrom our networks and to act urgently.

We demand a radical transformation! We need to turn problems into solutions. The high use of fossilfuels and hazardous chemicals in the construction sector and their business models must be phased out.The global, extractive, and neo-colonial consumption of resources must be replaced by just andregenerative materials. Rapid demolition must be avoided by the careful use of the existing resources andspace.

We demand urgent action! Each member of this coalition stands for a globally just transition to adecarbonised and healthy built environment, that is based on reconsidered needs, solidarity withindigenous communities, support for biodiversity and planetary boundaries.

We demand your support! COP28 is a decisive milestone. The IPCC highlights that the constructionsector is significant. We call all building professionals and decision makers to support our goals or join ourcoalition in making this a reality through collective action, sharing best-practices, and mobilising your peers.If you want to be part of the change, join our coalition today!

Join us! Find out more about the different networks in our coalition and how to join:

●  Architects for Future: Germany,Austria, Pakistan, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland

●  ACAN: Australia, Finland, India,Ireland, Norway, Nigeria, UK, Spain, Sweden

●  Architects Declare: Sweden

●  Countdown 2030: Switzerland

●  Frugalité heureuse et créative dansl’architecture et le ménagement des territoires: France, Belgium

●  Architecture 2030: US

●  Architectes pour le climat: Switzerland

●  ICLEICirculars - Local Governments for Sustainability

●  BauhausEarth: Germany

*Sources: Global Stocktake Technical Dialogue Synthesis Report; AR6 Synthesis Report 2023; IEA Data Aggregation by Architecture 2030; 2022 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction

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December 5, 2023
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Statement for COP28

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