Take action for the climate with us now

Unfortunately, the climate will not be saved with only a signature. We invite you to become an active participant and to stand up for a sustainable change of the building industry.

Create a local group now

To connect with local like-minded people, we recommend you start a messenger group (such as Telegram and/or WhatsApp).

Please share the link of the group with us by using our contact form. We will then publish the link on our website and other interested people can also join the group.

You can already join these existing Groups


Frankfurt am Main


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Join a working Group now

We all work voluntarily for Architects for Future and urgently need your support!
You can join a working group to help us.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers to work with the following working groups:


The EmailWG handles all the emails that Architects for Future receive, whether they have been sent to the official email address (info@architects4future.de) or via the contact form. Being a member of this working group means either replying or forwarding those emails to the correct person.

EmailWG Chat


The KnowledgeWG has already developed the demands of Architects for Future that are listed in the mission statement. As they are working closely with science and research, they also provide technical expertise. The drafts for the new demands are being reconciled and refined with the local groups. Furthermore, they also review the content that is send to us concerning the knowledge database.

KnowledgeWG Chat


The GraphicDesignWG oversees printing materials for activities and social media content. The social media content is graphically edited material to explain scientific connections to the public. Content should be easy to understand and applicable easily.

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The GlobalConnectionsWG wants to create a collaboration between Architects for Future and other global ecological building initiatives. They want to organise critical solidarity and share their experiences. They also translate the website into English.

GlobalConnectionsWG Chat


The CooperationWG takes care of the coordination of all collaboration requests, including from companies, individuals and NGOs.

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The PressWG looks after Architects for Future’s medial appearance. They regularly write news releases that can be used by the local groups. They also publish the newsletter which is sent regularly by email.

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The WritingWG unites creative people and experts in German studies. They write texts for flyers and the website. They work closely with the Demands WG who are providing the content-related focus of the texts.

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The SocialMediaWG is concentrating on the social media channels of Architects for Future. They constantly optimise and develop these. Their regular tasks are to create new publications such as posts, pictures, stories and comments and to merchandise Architects for Future in the best way.

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The WebsiteWG manages everything regarding the website. They maintain the website and make sure that the content is up to date. They manage the web tools and the servers. They also open the email accounts for local groups and working groups.

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Wir melden uns umgehend bei dir.
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