Architects for Future

40 % of Germany’s energy consumption, as well as the production of 54 % of Germany’s waste, is generated by the building sector. 

With these alarming numbers in mind, three young architects wanted to find out what the building industry is actually doing with their enormous influence to counteract. The realisation was that there are a lot of solutions but hardly any implementation. Therefore, the question arose: “WHAT CAN WE DO?”. The answer from a professor of Architecture was: “Found Architects for Future.”

This formed the beginning of our movement. During the early stages of planning they found many keen supporters, and on the 19th June 2019 we officially launched our initiative in Wuppertal, Germany. Just a few days after our founding we are very pleased to have met many members and supporters who want to disrupt the building industry and positively change it with us. We are aware of our responsibility and know that planners also have a great influence. Become a part of Architects for Future and help us to realize our demands! 

You can sign our statement here and you can find out how to get involved here